Acram Gumisiriza

Acram Gumisiriza Goes Bare Knuckles With Chozen Blood’s Baby Mama Over Rent

Singer Chosen Blood’s baby mama went bare knuckles with her landlord Acram Gumisiriza over rental arrears.

For several weeks now, Hajat Kulthum Nabunya’s husband Acram Gumisiriza has been consistently featured in numerous news headlines for negative reasons.

Acram Gumisiriza, a well-known figure in the local community, found himself embroiled in a heated dispute with Chozen Blood’s baby mama over rental payments.

The situation reached a boiling point when Acram could not come to an agreement with the woman who insisted that she had already paid rent for several more months and was unwilling to make any further payments.

As emotions ran high, the exchange quickly turned volatile, with both parties exchanging heated words.

The woman was overheard reproaching Acram for neglecting to refurbish the residence, and emphasizing that he has no right to reside there as it was designated for the caretaker.

Acram Gumisiriza

She additionally highlights that Acram had initially asked her out, but upon her refusal, he proceeded to mistreat her and engage in various unpleasant actions in order to force her out of the house.

The incident has sparked a wave of controversy and public debate, with many expressing their disappointment in Gumisiriza’s behaviour.

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As a prominent figure in the community, his actions have drawn criticism from those who expected better conduct from him.


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