Alicia the Bosschic

Alicia Bosschic Accused of Setting Up Her Friend And Was Badly Raped | AUDIO

Renowned socialite Alicia Bosschic real name Alicia Kembabazi is in media rotations for all the bad reasons having set up her friend to be raped by her lover.

According to a voice recording making rounds on social media, Alicia allegedly linked one of her friends with her supposed boyfriend for a one-night stand sex marathon at a cost of Ugx 150K.

The yet-to-be-identified lady narrates that the man picked her up from Makindye around Shell and ended up in one of the lodges nearby.

The two engaged in sexual activity, but midway through, the man claimed that he could not reach the climax without taking off the condom, which the woman refused to do unless they first got an HIV test.

The audibly sobbing woman further reveals that upon the man learning that she had refused to comply with his demands, he raped her without any protection.

Alicia the Bosschic

After obtaining his mission, the lady notes that she went into a panic since she wasn’t sure of his HIV status.

She then requested money for immediate HIV treatment (PEP) to eliminate any doubt, but the man slyly went outside before driving off.

On trying to reach Alicia, who had initially promised to pay for the services, she had switched off her known contacts.

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She continues by admitting that she is in severe pain, but oddly, when Alicia returned her call, she was blaming her for snatching her man.

Listen to the audio below.


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