Alien Skin And Nobat Events Make Peace

Alien Skin And Nobat Events Make Peace

Renowned Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin and Norbert Twizire, also known as Nobat Events, have finally reconciled their differences.

The two individuals have been in a bitter feud for quite some time, exchanging harsh words and insults on multiple occasions, including an incident at Mesach Semakula’s Papaz Spot restaurant in Makindye.

However, according to recent reports from Alien Skin’s camp, it seems that the singer has decided to end the discord with Nobat.

Alien Skin further acknowledged that Nobat had harboured animosity towards him without any apparent reason.

However, Nobat eventually realized the error of his ways and made a genuine effort to change his attitude towards Alien Skin.

Alien Skin  And Nobat Events Make Peace

Alien Skin went on to express his gratitude towards Nobat for taking the initiative to mend their broken relationship.

Alien Skin and Nobat Events, having resolved their differences, are now ready to engage in a mutually beneficial business venture that will propel the music industry forward.


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