NEWSAlien Skin Clears the Air About Establishing a Multistorey Building

Alien Skin Clears the Air About Establishing a Multistorey Building

Singer Alien Skin has distanced himself from allegations suggesting that he established a mansion in Kampala.

A few days back, Alien Skin appeared in a video clip with singer Haji Haruna Mubiru at a site of ongoing construction.

The video sparked rumours among Alien Skin’s followers that he had amassed sufficient wealth to erect a structure for himself.

Alien Skin’s detractors, on the other hand, exploited the details to blame him throughout the continuous internet criticism, pointing out that the building was government-funded.

However, during a TikTok live stream with a colleague, Alien Skin was questioned if he indeed owned the multistory structure.

alien skin

Alien Skin responded to the query with humour, saying that Haji Haruna Mubiru was actually the owner of the structure and not him.

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Despite not owning the said establishment, rumours suggest that the singer was able to purchase off his Fangone Forest Entertainment headquarters in Makindye, which he initially rented.

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