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Alien Skin Under Harsh Criticism over Despising Bobi Wine

Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin born Mulwana Patrick is under online castigation over despising Bobi Wine.

For over a year now, Alien Skin has won many people’s hearts through his music and the generous deeds he has exhibited among his social circle.

Severally during his performances, he is seen heaping praise on Bobi Wine, and imploring revellers never to attack the singer cum politician if they want peace.

However, based on the most recent development, Alien Skin pressed the wrong button, when he uttered some sentiments that seemingly didn’t settle well with Bobi Wine’s supporters.

Reports making rounds suggest that Alien Skin through one of his Tiktok live broadcasts pleaded to meet President Museveni and asked for a bulletproof car from him.

Alien Skin

Additionally, according to reports, Alien Skin started paying some of Bobi Wine’s close security personnel Ugx 100k on a daily, claiming Bobi Wine wasn’t paying them well.

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This raised many questions, as a section of Bobi Wine’s supporters suggested that Alien Skin could have got funding from the government to further its political agenda of subduing the NUP leader.

Additionally, Alien Skin declined to grace one of Bobi Wine’s events in Kamwokya on the grounds that two lions cannot sit under the same roof.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that a section of social media users have embarked on criticising Alien Skin and vowed to quit supporting him claiming they cant side with a person who is against Bobi Wine.


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