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Alien Skin Coughs Ugx 10M Following Legal Threats Over Snubbed Event

Singer Alien Skin real name Mulwana Patrick has reimbursed the promoter’s funds after receiving a threat of legal action.

Over the weekend, events promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi issued an intention to sue singer Alien Skin, who had failed to fulfil his performance obligations at a highly anticipated event at one of the hangout spots in Mbarara-Western Uganda on 28 October 2023.

The agreement between Deluxe Lounge and Alien Skin was established on the basis that the singer would deliver a performance at the venue, and a sum of Ugx 10M was allocated as booking fees to the Fangone star. The remaining balance of Ugx 5M was also agreed upon.

However, Alien breached the contract when he failed to show up at the event, despite pocketing booking fees, tarnishing the venue’s reputation as a reliable and reputable entertainment destination.

This saw the event organizers request a sum of Ugx 250M from Alien Skin as reparation for the financial damages suffered by the establishment.

Alien Skin

The compensation was expected to be settled within 14 days and failure to comply with the request would result in legal action being pursued without any additional notification.

After crossing paths with the legal threats, however, Alien Skin decided to voluntarily reimburse the funds amounting to Ugx 10M.

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Events promoter Balaam confirmed Alien’s reimbursement and expressed satisfaction with the resolution of the issue before appreciating the singer for the gesture of goodwill.

The promoter also thanked the singer for his professionalism and cooperation throughout the process and vowed to do business with him shortly.

I would like to thank Mr Kibanda

President Fagone Forest for fully refunding the Bwezibwera Event local Organizing Committe. This is a Proffessional conduct i urgue other Artists to emulate this gesture by always refunding Organizers whenever you fail to appear.Its unfortunate You failed to Perform & yet you had been Paid in full. However with your explanation we Clearly understand the bigger Consideration you got from a well known Selfish source. As a Music & events promoter i promise to do more business with You in future i caution you to be careful with the Selfseekers !!!!


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