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Alien Skin’s Event No-Show Prompts Ugx 250M Compensation Claim

Deluxe Lounge, a renowned entertainment venue in Mbarara Western Uganda, threatens to sue singer Alien Skin over snubbing a booked event.

The intention to sue, initially shared by events promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi, arises from the breach of contract committed by Alien Skin, who failed to fulfil his performance obligations at a highly anticipated event scheduled on 28 October 2023.

The contract between Deluxe Lounge and Alien Skin was entered into with the understanding that the singer would provide a performance at the venue on the aforementioned date.

Both parties had agreed upon the terms and conditions, including the agreed-upon fee for the performance, which was a substantial amount reflecting Alien’s popularity and talent.

However, on the event day, Alien Skin failed to show up at Deluxe Lounge, leaving the venue and its patrons disappointed and frustrated.

This breach of contract not only resulted in financial losses for Deluxe Lounge but also tarnished the venue’s reputation as a reliable and reputable entertainment destination.

Alien Skin

Deluxe Lounge had made extensive preparations for the event, including advertising, ticket sales, and logistical arrangements.

The venue had invested significant time, effort, and resources to ensure the success of the event, expecting a substantial turnout of fans eager to witness Alien’s performance.

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In consideration of the aforementioned circumstances, Deluxe Lounge is requesting a sum of Ugx 250M from Alien Skin as reparation for the financial damages suffered by the establishment. This compensation is expected to be settled within a period of 14 days and failure to comply with this request will result in legal action being pursued without any additional notification.


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