Champion Gudo, Alien Skin

Alien Skin Demands to Meet Dr. Sudhir at Fangone Before Accepting Gudo’s Bursary

Reports coming through indicate that singer Mulwana Patrick alias Alien Skin demanded to meet Dr. Sudhir and some of his board members at Fangone Forest before accepting Champion Gudo’s scholarship.

A few days back Kampala parents’ school responded positively to young rapper Felista Di Supasta’s plea of offering Champion Gudo a scholarship at Kampala Parents’ school.

Champion Gudo’s bursary acquisition was announced by the Victoria University vice-chancellor DrLawrence Muganga during an interview at Baba TV. 

The development saw media personality Mc Kats plead to Alien Skin to let Champion Gudo enjoy his fame and luck by joining one of the biggest primary schools in Uganda.

My Friend Alien Skin Please Let Champion Gudo Enjoy His Fame n Luck by Joining One of the biggest Primary Schools in Uganda

Furthermore, Mc Kats reached out to Alien Skin through a phone call to cement the opportunity Champion Gudo had obtained.

Mc Kats, Dr. Lawrence Muganga

Kats adds that in Alien Skin’s response, he inquired if there were any additional financial benefits besides Champion Gudo’s scholarship.

Alien Skin continued by imploring Mc Kats to coordinate the Kampala parents’ school director and his board members to meet him at Fangone for an in-depth discussion over Gudo’s scholarship.

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Unfortunately, Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga refused to accept Alien Skin’s invitation, putting Gudo’s chance to attend a prestigious university in jeopardy.


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