Champion Gudo, Alien Skin, Kampala Parents School

Kampala Parents’ School Offers Champion Gudo a Bursary to Study Till P.7

Kampala Parents School has offered rising singer Champion Gudo a full bursary to access quality education.

For the past few months, there have been concerns about Champion Gudo indulging in nighttime activities and not going to school.

In the course of this week, State Minister for Gender and Culture Peace Regis Mutuuzo implored singer Alien Skin to surrender Champion Gudo to her in order to acquire proper education and a conducive environment to grow from.

This saw young rapper Felista Di Supaster take to her socials, calling upon her former sponsors Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation to render assistance to Champion Ogudo to access quality education at Kampala Parents’ School.

The biggest achievement one can get from his/her talent as a kid is free education. Me and my OB Fresh Kid UG were given free education at Kampala Parents’ School by Mr Rajiv Ruparelia through the Rupaleria Foundation.

The bursary I was given helped me complete my primary level and I immediately acquired another bursary at Kisaasi College School from S1 to S6. Have you seen the power of talent!!!So in that direction, I kindly call upon my former sponsors that is Mr Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation to also rend a helping hand to this other talented young soul Champion Ogudo Ug such that he can access such a wonderful and quality education at Kampala Parent’s school. I know you have a kind heart that you can look into my humble request sir.

Champion Gudo, Alien Skin

Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation responded positively to Felista’s plea, and Champion Gudo was offered a scholarship to study until he completes his primary level of education.

Champion Gudo’s bursary acquisition was confirmed by the Victoria University vice-chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga during an interview at Baba TV earlier today. 

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It should be remembered that Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation laid a brick on Felista’s academic foundation with a two-year scholarship that saw her complete Primary Seven at Kampala Parents.

Fresh Kid, on the other hand, is pursuing his studies at Kampala Parents School courtesy of Rajiv and the Rupaleria Foundation.


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