Alien Skin, Champion Gudo, Minister Peace Regis Mutuuzo

Minister Peace Mutuuzo Wants Alien Skin to Let Champion Gudo Get Good Education

State Minister for Gender and Culture Peace Regis Mutuuzo has implored singer Alien Skin to surrender Champion Gudo to her in order to acquire proper education.

Champion Gudo has made a name for himself in the entertainment circles due to his affiliation with Alien Skin’s entourage.

The rising star gave a shot at music, as well as posed as Alien Skin’s head of security at Fangone Forest Entertainment.

However, according to the state minister for Gender and Culture Peace Regis Mutuuzo, Champion Gudo is too young to indulge in such activities.

It is here that the Minister implored Alien Skin that if he has good intentions towards Gudo, he ought to let him grow in a decent environment, that will enable him to grow his talent as well as acquire good education.

Minister Peace Regis Mutuuzo

Mrs. Mutuuzo added that if Alien Skin has school fees constraints that limit him from taking Gudo to a school, she is ready and willing to link him up to people that will help him get a good education just as Fresh Kid was helped.

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She made note of the fact that Champion Gudo is currently being taken advantage of and made to labour late into the night in order to make money, and she is certain he doesn’t gain from his toils.

Minister Mutuuzo insisted that she is not at war with Alien Skin and that she merely requests that he bring the boy to her for the sake of the boy’s welfare.


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