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Pallaso Hits Hard at Alien Skin in New Song “Kimenke” – AUDIO

′Team Good Music singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has hit hard at his nemesis Alien Skin in his new song dubbed “Kimenke.”

Midway through his Love Fest Concert build-up in May this year, Pallaso hit Alien Skin over disrespect in Makindye.

For choosing to thrash Alien to clear up his misunderstandings, Pallaso faced heavy backlash from music enthusiasts.

Pallaso faced heavy backlash from music enthusiasts, who criticized him for thrashing Alien as a solution to clearing up the misunderstanding.

In retaliation, Alin Skin orchestrated the Sitya Danger maiden concert at Freedom City, to rival Pallaso’s Love Fest Concert.


This widened the rift between the singers, and it is believed that it contributed to Alien Skin’s prominence on the musical scene.

However, a few weeks ago, Alien Skin’s fandom was rattled by comments he made. Pallaso, who seems to be enjoying the final laugh, took the recording booth, recording a song seemingly addressing the Fangone Singer’s current situation.

In the parabolic song, Pallaso asserts that despite all the wonderful things he had done for his fans over the years, they had quit adoring him in favor of “Kimenke,” supposedly Alien Skin.A

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The song’s cover art shows a person cutting a branch where he is seated, apparently intended to symbolize Alien Skin as disrespecting people who helped him advance his musical career.

The “Kimenke” song, which is being produced by renowned producer Baur, is still in the works, and Pallaso plans to release it any time soon.

Listen to the teaser below;


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