Champion Gudo, Alien Skin

Alien Skin Dismayed By Mr. Kibuuka’s Reasoning, to Pick Champion Ogudo From Kawempe

Singer Alien Skin has vowed to take back Champion Ogudo after his father Mr. Godfrey Kibuuka’s reasoning disappointed him.

Initially, Alien Skin succumbed to pressure and let Ogudo return to Kawempe after his father had placed a custody dispute.

However, after watching Champion Ogudo’s father in several media interviews revealing that he was lodging at his mother’s house, Alien Skin was disappointed by his reasoning.

Alien Skin, who thought Mr. Godfrey Kibuuka’s reasoning was extremely flawed, disclosed that he couldn’t let Champion Ogudo grow with such a parent.

The Fangone Forest singer vowed to immediately pick Champion Ogudo from Kawempe and do whatever it takes to see that the kid remains in his custody.

Champion Gudo, Alien Skin

ALSO READ: Alien Skin to Stage a Concert for Champion Ogudo, Proceeds to Get him And Mum Out of Ghetto

Alien further hinted at orchestrating a music concert, with proceeds going toward elevating Champion Ogudo’s well being aswell as his mother who is currently in the Kawempe ghetto.


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