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Alien Skin to Stage a Concert For Champion Ogudo, Proceeds to Get Him and Mom Out of Ghetto

Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin intends to orchestrate a concert for Champion Ogudo in an effort to elevate his well-being and his mother.

Despite Champion Ogudo no longer being in Alien Skin’s care due to a recent custody dispute, the singer has pledged to transform his life and that of his mother.

Alien Skin made the decision after encountering one of Champion Ogudo’s father’s interviews, revealing how he was staying in his mother’s house despite his old age.

Alien Skin, who thought Mr. Godfrey Kibuuka’s reasoning was extremely flawed, disclosed that he couldn’t let Champion Ogudo grow with such a parent.

The self-proclaimed “Kibanda” further noted that he intends to stage a music concert, at a yet-to-be-revealed venue, with an aim to change Champion Ogudo and his mother’s wellbeing.

alien skin

He continued by pointing out that everything happens for a reason and that if the current saga hadn’t taken place, they wouldn’t have gotten the notion to rescue Ogudo’s mother from the ghetto.

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At the time of publication, Alien Skin and his supporters were still debating the location of the event, which he would later announce after making a final decision.

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