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Mc Kats Claims Alien Skin Returning Ogudo to Kawempe Was a Stunt to Get Public Sympathy

Celebrated events Mc and TV personality Edwin Katamba alias Mc Kats has deemed singer Alien Skin’s revelation that he had returned Champion Ogudo to Kawempe a stunt to pull public sympathy.

Following Champion Ogudo acquiring a Kampala Parents School bursary which Alien Skin resolutely refused to honour, it was the genesis of the controversy that saw the former’s father demand his son’s custody.

Mc Kats’ involvement in the matter did not save the situation either but rather did more harm than good as he traded insults with Alien Skin during a TikTok Livestream.

As drama continued to ensue, Champion Ogudo’s father Mr. Kibuuka Godfrey filed a child abuse case against his baby mama Nambassa Hadijah at Kawempe Police Station, under reference SD Ref: 58/24/08/2023.

Alien Skin later succumbed to pressure and claimed how he had returned Champion Ogudo and his elder brother to Kawempe for their parents to settle their differences with their kids in their custody.

Mc Kats, Dr. Lawrence Muganga

However, Champion Ogudo’s father rubbished Alien Skin’s claims, maintaining that his kids were nowhere to be seen in Kawempe.

Taking to Twitter, Mc Kats implored Alien Skin to stop playing games, cutting the Ogudo was nowhere was to be found in Kawempe, nor was he with his dad.

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Kats went on to reveal how Kampala Parents was ready to house Ogudo and his bursary was still intact, and urged Alien Skin to stop his sympathy-chasing games.

Let’s Stop All these Games The Boy is Nowhere to be found in Kawempe for two days nor is He with his dad Please Anyone know where Gudo is VUKampala and ReachDrMuganga Are willing to House Him n Educate Him Stop your Sympathy Chasing Games


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