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Alien Skin Pulls Out of London Event After Promoter Booked And With Pallaso

Frangong Forest Entertainment singer Mulwana Patrick alias Alien Skin has cancelled his London performance on learning that he would be sharing the same stage with Pallaso.

The animosity between Alien Skin and Pallaso seems to have taken a whole new dimension, as the former vowed never to share the same room with the latter.

The organisers of Purple Party lined up Azawi, Miki Wine, David Lutalo, Pallaso, and Alien Skin to perform in London this weekend on Saturday 24 June at Royal Regency Hall.

However, following the rift between Alien Skin and Pallaso, the former urged the organizers to choose between him and his nemesis.

The organizers overlooked Alien Skin’s warning and went ahead to obtain the visas for all lined-up musicians.

Alien Skin

While taking part in an interview with Galaxy TV on Wednesday night, Alien Skin revealed that after a meeting with his management, they decided to cancel his participation in the event.

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He based his decision on the fact that the promoter failed to adhere to his demands, of choosing between him and Pallaso.

Alien noted that he is not under pressure to perform in London, as he still has more opportunities ahead of him.

Have a look at the video below.


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