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Neithan Price Apologizes for Redoing Alien Skin’s ‘Sitya Danger’ Song Without His Permission

Upcoming singer Neithan Price has apologized to Frangon Forest Entertainment chief Alien Skin for redoing his song Sitya Danger.

A week back, Neithan Price took to producer Sidesoft of Zivuga and released a rendition of Sitya Danger without Alien Skin’s consent.

Alien Skin deemed Neithan’s rendition as a band song since he altered the original song’s tempo to a slow one.

Alien Skin was enraged by Neithan’s decision to remake his song without following the proper procedures, hence inviting him to his camp to settle the matter.

Neithan Price expressed regret to Alien Skin during a live TikTok show for not asking his permission before redoing his song.

Alien Skin

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Sitya Danger is one of Alien Skin’s blockbusters that made him a household brand and inspiration for his concluded Sitya Danger concert.


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