GOSSIPAlien Skin Ug Vows to Go Bare Knuckles with Isma Olaxes

Alien Skin Ug Vows to Go Bare Knuckles with Isma Olaxes

Singer Alien Skin Ug born Mulwana Patrick has vowed to put social media critic Isma Olaxes in his rightful lane.

For the past few days, Isma Olaxes appeared in several videos taunting Alien Skin before labeling all sorts of names.

Isma’s rage against Alien Skin Ug emanates from the singer’s scandalous lifestyle, characterized by brutalizing several bodyguards at different hangout spots.

In one of Olaxes’ videos, he is quoted noting that Alien Skin is one of the most dim-witted singers, before stressing that he exudes an odd odor.

Alien Skin

However, when Alien Skin crossed paths with Isma’s videos, he was rubbed the wrong way, before noting that the elderly man is jealous of his success.

In an effort to set an example for his would-be detractors, Alien Skin further threatened to spar bare-knuckled with the social media critic.

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Furthermore, Alien made it known that he will be among the people that will welcome Isma Olaxes at the airport, who is currently in Dubai in light of taking part in the just concluded Purple Party.


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