Angel Nyigu

Angel Nyigu Discusses Working with Ghetto Kids, Zuchu, Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian-based choreographer Angel Nyigu has opened up about working with Ghetto Kids, Zuchu, and Diamond Platnumz.

During her visit to Uganda recently, Angel Nyigu linked up with Ugandan Dancers Triplets Ghetto Kids and joined efforts on some projects.

While taking part in an interview recently, Angel Nyigu got into several topics, including her projects with WCB singers Diamond Platnumz, and Zuchu and what she makes of the Ugandan dance industry.

Angel Batholomeo Nyigu is a Tanzanian dancer and choreographer who has featured in a number of music video projects with Diamond Platnumz, and Zuchu as well as appearing in their stage performances back in her home country.

She drew her inspiration from the WCB boss Diamond Platnumz who she claims she watched grow from nothing to something.

Angel Nyigu

Her dance prowess has seen her bag a nomination slot in the Best African Dancer category at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) 2022-23.

Nyigu has positively impacted her Tanzania dance community by passing on her dance skills to over 500 people.

In the course of her dance career, she has performed in the USA, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, and most recently, Uganda.

During her visit to Uganda, she was able to collaborate with a couple of Ugandan stars on a number of projects, including Hyper Kids Africa, Spice Diana, Namata Esther, Ivo Official, Matthew Nandala, Smash Kids, and the Triplets Ghetto Kids, who had just returned from Britain’s Got Talent 2023 among others.

Angel Nyigu

“What I love about Uganda is that they are so many young talented dancers. I just hope they keep supporting each other even when they get older. It is easy to sell kids’ talent but when you train them well it is easier for them to be the best when they get older,” Nyigu notes

She talks about how dancing has helped her handle some of her responsilities, such as paying for her sibling’s tuition.

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“I pay for my own bills and maintain my life. It (money from dance gigs) also comes in handy when helping my young brother to pay some bills at school,”
Angel Nyigu reveals

As you read this, Angel Nyigu is working on the upcoming ‘WE SEE AFRICA’ initiative with the European Union.

“The project is based on inspiring youth to work hard and believe in themselves and also not to hesitate to do entertainment and other community activities,” she added.

Nyigu hopes to one day establish the largest dance group in the entire globe, and she is on track to make her most ambitious goal a reality.



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