Ashburg Kato

Ashburg Kato exposed for falsely claiming ownership of a house in Kakiri

Blogger Ashburg Kato has been exposed for claiming the ownership of a house in Kakiri which is not his.

Based on the audio recordings obtained by this website, a lady identified as Eve currently living abroad expressed her discontent on seeing her house making rounds on social media with Ashburg Kato falsely claiming to be his.

In the audio making rounds on social media, Ms. Eve explains that after her father’s death, she was given full responsibility for the properties.

As a family, they tasked one of their cousins to take care of the Kakiri land and house before he was joined by Ashburg, and the two shared the roof for over two years now.

Ashburg Kato

To her dismay, Ashburg Kato invited one of the prominent media outlets and falsely established himself as the owner of the property, which is untrue.

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Eve went on to claim that Ashburg might be plotting to sell the property, before calling out authorities to help her intervene in the matter.


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