Ashburg Kato

Ashburg Kato shows off his new house seating 17 acres of land

Renowned blogger and political and music analyst Ashburg Kato has publicly unveiled his yet-to-be-completed house.

Ashburg Kato was once one of the celebrated bloggers, before quitting Bobi Wine’s musical and political camps before embracing the ruling party NRM.

Ashburg’s crossing to NRM came with several effects, as he was heavily criticized for his decision, hence putting his blogging career at a standstill.

However, based on the video accessed by this website, Ashburg Kato’s toils have finally paid off, as he established a new house in Kakiri.

Ashburg revealed that he opted to quit urban life for a village setting, claiming he wanted to settle on a bigger piece of land which was a challenge in urban areas.

At his piece of land, Ashburg established and named multiple hangout spots after several media personalities like Alien Skin, and the late Isma Olaxes, asserting he wanted them to be remembered in a special way.

Ashburg Kato

Ashburg noted that despite the criticism he has faced over the years, he turned a deaf ear, and he is glad that he managed to purchase 17 acres of land where he established his house.

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Furthermore, he disclosed that he invested in agriculture, and looks forward to heavy harvests, before asking for financial support from well-wishers to enhance his productivity.


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