GOSSIPAUDIO: Grace Khan Exposes Prince Omar's Dirty Linen, Claims He Grinds His...

AUDIO: Grace Khan Exposes Prince Omar’s Dirty Linen, Claims He Grinds His Teeth at Night

Singer Grace Khan real name Grace Namuwulya has exposed her baby daddy Prince Omar’s dirty linen.

Singers Grace Khan and Prince Omar put their differences aside before reigniting their romance a few weeks back.

However, the pair’s affair was dealt a heavy blow, when Prince Omar’s parents steadfastly refused to welcome Grace Khan as their daughter-in-law despite having a daughter amidst them.

The development saw Grace Khan devastated and was seen tearing up in the videos that were accessed by Exclusive Bizz.

While speaking to one of her male friends, Grace Khan got a few things off her chest, before the audios were leaked on social media.

Grace Khan

In the audios making rounds on various socializing Applications, Grace Khan can be heard revealing how Prince Omar is constantly possessed by evil spirits at night that cut his boy and force him to grind his teeth among other strange behaviours.

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Grace further narrates that before she made up Prince Omar, he was severally admitted to rehab in light of being addicted to intoxicants.

Listen to the compiled audios below;


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