NEWSAUDIO | Tamale Mirundi Junior Heaps Full Figure with Obscenities Over Criticizing...

AUDIO | Tamale Mirundi Junior Heaps Full Figure with Obscenities Over Criticizing His Father Who Attacked Kabaka

Political analyst Tamale Mirundi’s son Tamale Mirundi Junior heaped presidential advisor Jenifer Full Figure with obscenities over criticizing his father for attacking the Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi recently.

On 7 March 2023, Tamale Mirundi through Youtuber and media personality Kasuku’s Youtube channel went bare knuckles on Kabaka’s prevailing health state, before likening him to a rat.

Tamale Mirundi’s action saw Kasuku apologize to the general public, for allowing the former to use his channel to disrespect the Kabaka.

In the same vein, Jennifer Full Figure took to Salt TV, where she acquired a new role recently, and criticized Kasuku and Tamale Mirundi for disrespecting a traditional leader.

Tamale Mirundi Junior

Upon crossing paths with Full Figure’s laments, Tamale Mirundi Junior was left with a sour taste in his mouth, before sending her a scathing audio recording full of obscenities.

In the audio obtained by Exclusive Bizz, the audibly furious Mirundi Junior could be heard warning Jennifer against attacking his father.

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Junior adds that his father and Mmengo have over the years had their grievances, which is why no Kabaka’s official has come out to remark on the matter.

Junior urged Full Figure to take a chill pill because where need be, the Kabaka through his attorneys will summon his father over degrading him.

He further cautioned Full Figure to stay in her lane, or else she risks spending nights in Kitalya coolers. Junior went on to disclose that his father has his employers to whom he reports, maintaining he is not ready to apologize to the Buganda Kingdom.

Listen to the audio below.

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