Mrs. Prossy Mayanja, Jose Chameleone, Daniella Atim

Mrs. Prossy Mayanja urges Daniella Atim to stop leaking details about her failed marriage with Jose Chameleone

Singer Jose Chameleone’s mother Mrs. Prossy Mayanja has issued a message to Daniella Atim, her son’s ex-wife, advising her to refrain from disclosing private information about their failed marriage.

In her statement, Mrs. Prossy emphasized the importance of keeping family matters confidential and urged Daniella Atim to maintain silence.

She pointed out that most marriages encounter difficulties, but it is preferable to keep them hidden from the public eye.

Furthermore, Mrs. Prossy expressed her displeasure at hearing criticisms about Chameleone, such as his alleged constant changes and ill wishes towards others. She defended her son, stating that he has positively impacted the lives of many individuals.

Mrs. Prossy clarified that these negative remarks are often made by individuals who have only witnessed Jose Chameleone in his older age.

Mrs. Prossy Mayanja

She suggested that those seeking a more accurate understanding of her son’s character should consult his parents and siblings, who have known him since childhood.

Lastly, Mrs. Prossy expressed gratitude towards her son for his accomplishments and his positive influence on the lives of those he cherishes.

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Mrs. Prossy Mayanja’s counsel coincides with Daniella Atim’s public revelation of ex-husband Jose Chameleone’s private matters on YouTube and social networking sites.


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