Daniella Atim, Humphrey Mayanja

Daniella Atim reveals silence on Humphrey Mayanja’s death

Daniella Atim chose not to send any condolence message following the passing of Humphrey Mayanja, her brother-in-law, who succumbed to cancer after a prolonged battle.

Despite being the ex-wife of singer Jose Chameleone, Daniella Atim opted to stay away from the mourning period and did not participate in the country’s mourning of Humphrey’s death.

In response to social media critics questioning her absence and relationship with the deceased, Daniella bluntly stated that she saw no point in sending condolences as the deceased would not be able to read them.

This explanation from Daniella has sparked controversy on social media, with many users criticizing her for not showing support during a difficult time.

Humphrey Mayanja,

However, some individuals have come to Daniella’s defense, suggesting that she may have had personal reasons for her decision to not be involved in Humphrey’s funeral.

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Some have speculated that there may have been unresolved issues or tensions between Daniella and Humphrey that led to her decision to stay away from the mourning period.


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