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Azawi Deems Ray G’s Recent Stage Conduct Disrespectful, Demands An Apology From Him

Swangz Avenue singer Azawi responded to singer Ray G following their recent altercation on stage at the Comedy Store event in Mbarara.

In various videos circulated on social media, Ray G appeared displeased with Azawi performing before him and was forcefully escorting her off stage while demanding the microphone.

In a statement released earlier today, Azawi addressed the incident, stating that she had attempted to avoid engaging in a pointless argument initiated by a disrespectful artist.

She expressed her disappointment with Ray G’s interruption during her performance, which included verbal abuse, and criticized his use of the incident for attention. Azawi believes that Ray G owes her an apology for his behaviour.

Additionally, she emphasized that she does not have control over event schedules as an artist, and Ray G’s attempt to disrupt her set was unprofessional.


Azawi further highlighted that this is not the first time Ray G has employed such tactics in Mbarara, undermining fellow artists and exploiting tribal or regional sentiments for publicity.

She assured her fans in Mbarara that she will always strive to meet their expectations, as her loyalty lies with her music and genuine interaction with her supporters, rather than with individuals who resort to publicity stunts for personal gain.


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