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Azawi, Ray G’s Argument On Stage Over Order Of Performance Sparks Criticism | VIDEO

Swangz Avenue singer Azawi has faced heavy social media criticism for sabotaging the order of performance at the Comedy Store Ug event in Mbarara at the University Inn.

During the event, Azawi and Ray G got into an argument after Azawi disregarded the performance roster and took over Ray G’s scheduled performance.

A video circulating on social media shows Ray G following Azawi from backstage to the stage visibly unhappy with Azawi’s decision.

On stage, Ray G pleads with Azawi to let him perform first according to the lineup. However, Azawi insisted on performing first and even asked the audience if she should go ahead.

Ray G appeared frustrated by Azawi’s actions and when it was finally his turn to perform, he expressed his disappointment with musicians from Kampala for consistently disrespecting regional artists.


Azawi’s behaviour has received significant criticism on social media, with many users deeming her actions as selfish and showing a lack of respect for her fellow artists.

Others have pointed out that this incident highlights a larger issue within the music industry, where artists from Kampala are often given more priority and recognition than regional artists.


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