Azawi Ends The Year With “Outside,” Visuals

Azawi, real name Priscilla Zawedde, has wrapped up the year with the release of the visuals for her song “Outside” from her album “Sankofa”.

After the success of her debut album “African Music”, which was hailed as one of the best female albums in East Africa, fans were eagerly awaiting her next move.

It seems that Azawi is the only one who can surpass herself, as she once again exceeded expectations with her sophomore album “Sankofa”.

The album launch was accompanied by a concert at Serena Hotel, propelling Azawi to new heights.

Following the concert, Azawi wasted no time and immediately flew to Kigali, as she had been nominated for Africa’s Best Newcomer at the Trace Awards.


Now, she concludes the year 2023 with the release of the “Outside” music video, a vibrant and energetic Afro-pop song produced by Groovy World.

The video, created by Aaronaire, showcases a colourful African utopia where Azawi embraces her unique style and enjoys the company of millennials and Gen Zs on a rooftop. They dance, drink, and have conversations, embodying the spirit of the song’s title, “Outside”.

Azawi’s influence on Aaronaire is evident in his daring fashion choices, captivating dance routines, and impeccable colour coordination, showcasing his willingness to push the boundaries.

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Despite already achieving great success with a plethora of treasures, gems, a continental nomination, and an album, Azawi shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to solidify her position as the most talented and prolific young artist in East Africa at this present moment.

Stream outside
Here : azawi.ffm.to/sankofa


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