Bajjo, Doreen Nasasira, Bajjo Events and Doreen Nasasira date

Bajjo’s Dining Etiquettes Fail to Impress Doreen Nasaira On Their First Romantic Date | VIDEO

Doreen Nasasira was not impressed by Bajjo’s lack of cutlery etiquette during their first date. The weekend outing between Bajjo Events and Doreen Nasasira, who had been his childhood crush, did not go as smoothly as he had hoped.

Bajjo had previously expressed his unwavering love for Doreen and his willingness to do whatever it took to win her over.

Arriving early at the Serena Kigo venue, Bajjo had dressed to impress and was eager to make a good impression on Doreen.

However, according to a video obtained by Exclusive Bizz, it seems that his efforts fell short. Doreen was accompanied by her best friend, Bina Babie, and both could be seen criticizing Bajjo’s cutlery etiquette among other things.

In response to the criticism, Bajjo took to his X account to acknowledge his mistakes and apologize.

Bajjo, Doreen Nasasira, Bajjo Events and Doreen Nasasira date

He pleaded for forgiveness, explaining that he is an African man who is not accustomed to Western culture.

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Bajjo expressed his gratitude to Doreen for being understanding and kind, and he vowed to make changes for their next romantic date. He humbly asked Doreen to be his teacher and guide him in learning where needed.


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