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Bebe Cool Becomes Second Musician to Acquire an Armored Vehicle After Bobi Wine

Gagamel Entertainment boss Bebe Cool has finally flaunted his newly acquired armored vehicle on social media.

For several weeks now, rumours have been swirling on social media suggesting how Bebe Cool had joined his long-time nemesis Bobi Wine to acquire an armored car.

The rumours were ignited by Dembe FM journalist and music critic Jenkins Mukasa, who revealed that Bebe Cool’s new car was a Toyota VX.

Mukasa further spilt the tea when he disclosed that Bebe Cool’s vehicle was unveiled at Oryx fuel station in Bukoto on his birthday alongside Jose Chameleone.

Earlier today, however, Bebe Cool cemented the allegations, when he made his new acquisition social media official.

Bebe Cool

In a video clip making rounds on social media, Bebe Cool’s armoured vehicle can be seen parked in his compound with all its doors wide open as he took his followers around it and its interior.

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With Bebe Cool acquiring an armored vehicle, he becomes the second musician to own it in Uganda, in light of Bobi Wine importing it in 2021.


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