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Bebe Cool Calls For Government Action as Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store UG Losses UMA Venue Over Revenue

The news of Alex Muhangi losing his venue sent shockwaves through the Ugandan comedy industry. Comedy Store UG has been a popular spot for comedians and fans alike, and losing it has left many wondering about the future of comedy in the country.

According to reports, the development was due to unpaid revenue. This led Alex Muhangi to relocate from UMA to Lazio, which is smaller and less suitable for hosting large comedy events.

This has had a negative impact on the industry, as many comedians are now struggling to find suitable venues to perform in.

Bebe Cool, who recently performed at the Comedy Store, expressed his disappointment with the Uganda Revenue Authority’s decision to impose high taxes on Alex Muhangi.

He called on the government to intervene in the comedy and music industry and allow them to grow before imposing taxes.

Uganda Revenue Authority, Alex Muhangi and Uganda Revenue Authority

Bebe Cool also pledged his support for Alex Muhangi, stating that he is a valuable asset to the industry and should be supported.

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The news that the UMA venue will be occupied by another comedy entity called “Stress Clinic” has also caused concern among comedians as many fear that this will lead to unnecessary competition and a further decline in the industry.


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