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Fik Fameica Accused of Not Taking Care of His Father | VIDEO

One of rapper Walukagga Shafik alias Fik Fameica’s cousins has come forward, accusing him of neglecting his own father.

Despite publicly displaying love and affection towards his mother, Fik Fameica has allegedly failed to provide for his father’s basic needs, leaving him without food and medication at times.

The cousin acknowledges that Fik Fmaica has only given his father a maximum of Ugx 20K, and this act was done under duress.

He emphasized that Fik’s success in the music industry is partly due to his father’s unwavering support throughout his journey.

It is only fair, the cousin argues, that Fik reciprocates the favour by taking care of his father in his time of need.

Fik Fameica

To further highlight the alleged neglect, the cousin recounted a distressing incident where Fik almost left a show without even acknowledging his father’s presence.

The cousin urges Fik to prioritize his father’s well-being, as he may need his help in the future when all the people currently heaping praise on him are nowhere to be seen.

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As of the time of publication, Fik Fameica had not commented on the accusations. However, we will continue to provide updates as soon as he issues a statement regarding this issue.


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