Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica Announces “King Kong In The City” Concert Dates

Fresh Gang singer Fik Fameica has announced that he will be holding his third concert in his music career.

In 2018, Fik Fameica held his maiden concert dubbed ‘My Journey’ concert. Despite not turning out to his expectations, the rapper didn’t lose hope, as he registered tremendous success at his second concert which was held at Hotel Africana in 2022.

One year later, Fik Fameica is looking forward to holding his third concert dubbed ‘King Kong Live In The City’.

Fik Fameica revealed the development via social media handles, though kept the event venue concealed, urging his fans to suggest their best choices.

Sharing his concert poster, Fik Fameica disclosed that his concert will be at the start of 2024, on January 26th.

Fik Fameica

Ahead of his forthcoming concert, Fik Fameica is expected to receive support from fellow musicians, industry stakeholders and his fans.

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Fameica’s forthcoming concert has since received positive reviews, with his supporters and fellow musicians expressing excitement and looking forward to it.


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