Bebe Cool Injects Ugx 1M Capital into a Random Fan’s Business | VIDEO

Gagamel International singer Bebe Cool real name Moses Ssali recently gave one of his fans start-up capital worth Ugx 1M.

Bebe Cool was recently featured at the Radio West annual Kinihiro event which was held at Kakyeka Stadium in Western Uganda.

Midway through his performance, Bebe Cool was joined by one of his fans identified as Nicholas an artist by profession.

Bebe Cool was quick to ask Nicholas how much his business startup capital and the latter swiftly responded that it was Ugx 500K.

The self-proclaimed Big Size immediately implored the event manager to give Nicholas Ugx 1M from his performance balance.

Bebe Cool

Bebe noted that he injected the Ugx 1M into Nicholas’s business as a way of reciprocating the support he has received over the years from Ugandans.

Additionally, Bebe counselled Nicholas to use the money prudently and not divert it towards drug or alcohol purchases.

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