Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool Threatens to Sue Airtel Uganda Over Unexpected 17 GB Data Bundle Depletion

On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, the renowned singer Bebe Cool took to his X formerly Twitter handle to express his dissatisfaction with Airtel Uganda, one of the telecommunication services.

Bebe Cool stated that he had purchased 22 GBs of data at 21:56, but to his surprise, he received an alert indicating that only 5 GBs were left and 17 GBs had mysteriously disappeared with just a single click on TikTok.

Bebe, feeling devastated, decided to refrain from purchasing another data bundle, firmly convinced that he had been cheated.

Consequently, he issued an ultimatum to Airtel, demanding the return of his unused data before 10:00 am the following morning.

Bebe Cool

He warned that failure to comply would result in him taking legal action against the company, at their own expense and embarrassment.

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Bebe Cool’s complaint about the rapid depletion of data from gadgets is not an isolated incident among public figures. Recently, Sheilah Gashumba among others have also expressed their discontentment with this issue.


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