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Ndausi Reveals Rema Disappointed Bebe Cool Hence Gagamel’s Reluctance to Sign New Artists

The criticism surrounding Bebe Cool’s lack of support for upcoming musicians in Uganda has been a topic of discussion for several years.

Many have pointed out that other global stars, such as Diamond Platnumz and Don Jazzy, have set a positive example by signing and nurturing young talent through their record labels.

This has led to suggestions that Bebe should follow suit and provide opportunities for aspiring artists.

Recently, Omulangira Ndausi, a member of Bebe’s record label, Gagamel International, shed some light on the reasons behind Bebe’s decision not to sign musicians to his label.

According to Ndausi, Bebe had high hopes of moulding Rema Namakula, one of Gagamel’s former signees, into an international artist.

However, before the label could fully achieve its objectives, Rema Namakula decided to pursue a solo career, leaving Bebe disappointed.

Omulangira Ndausi

Ndausi also mentioned that Gagamel faced disappointment when they signed other musicians like the Kiwoko Boys and Denzo. These artists did not live up to the label’s expectations, further contributing to Bebe’s reluctance to sign new talent.

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While Bebe’s decision may have disappointed critics who believe in supporting and nurturing young talent, it is clear that his past experiences with signing artists have influenced his approach.

The setbacks and disappointments faced by Gagamel have led Bebe to prioritize his career and focus on his personal growth as a musician.


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