Bebe Cool, Beata Ssali

Bebe Cool Unveils Daughter Beata Ssali’s Musical Capability at Tondeka Ekiwatule | VIDEO

During the Tondeka Ekiwatule event on Boxing Day, Bebe Cool made a significant announcement by introducing his daughter Beata Ssali to the music industry.

The event, which took place on December 26th, 2023, at Kiwatule Recreation Centre, was a huge success with a sold-out crowd.

The lineup of artists included popular names such as Eddy Kenzo, Levixone, Alien Skin, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Chris Evans, Catherine Kusasira, Ronald Mayinja, and many others.

Midway through the event, Bebe Cool took the opportunity to showcase his daughter’s talent. Beata Ssali, who is only 16 years old, performed her father’s song “Love You Everyday,” while her friend Praise sang Celine Dion’s “Always Love You.”

Bebe Cool 's Kids Alpha Ssali and Beata

Bebe Cool urged the audience to support these young talents, emphasizing their potential despite still being in school.

It was a proud moment for both Bebe Cool and his daughter as they embarked on this new musical journey together.


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