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“Bebe Cool’s Statements Raise Doubts About his Mental State” Abitex Promotions Hits Back

Abitex Promotions, also known as Abbey Musinguzi, has responded to Bebe Cool’s allegations that he cannot afford to have him perform at his events.

In a recent statement, Abitex emphasized that he is not financially incapable, as he is one of the prominent events promoters who can organize major events worth half a billion.

He further stated that he should not be compared to his rival, Alien Skin, as their events attract vastly different numbers of attendees, with Alien Skin’s event comparable to a small birthday party.

Abitex also disputed Bebe Cool’s claim that he charges Ugx 12M for performances, asserting that he has no intention of hiring him due to his reputation for inciting anger rather than entertaining people.

Bebe Cool, Alien Skin, Abitex Promotions, Enkuuka Tobongoota, Enkwacho Festival

Additionally, the events’ promoter emphasized that the previous time he employed Bebe Cool for his battle with the Goodlife, he incurred a financial loss.

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Abitex observed that Bebe Cool should be taken to the hospital to have his head examined, as his statements raise doubts about his mental state.


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