Big Eye Starboss

Big Eye Starboss Confirms Dates For His 2024 Concert

Singer Mayanja Ibrahim real name Big Eye Starboss, has excited his fans by officially announcing the dates for his upcoming concert.

Just a few days ago, Big Eye Starboss hinted at the possibility of organizing a concert before the year ends, and today he has taken to his social media platforms to share the concert artwork, unveiling the highly anticipated event’s details.

If all goes according to plan, Big Eye intends to hold his concert on the 7th of December 2024, at a venue that is yet to be determined. The details regarding admittance fees are also yet to be revealed.

This concert announcement comes as a pleasant surprise for Big Eye’s fans, who have recently shown their support and affection for him after his recommitment to the NUP political wing.

Big Eye Starboss

Big Eye’s decision to align himself with NUP reverberated with a section of his fanbase, and the anticipation is palpable as they await to witness him take on the stage at his concert.

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