Don Zella, Big Eye Starboss

Big Eye Starboss is Grateful for Don Zella’s Monumental Contribution in His Life

Singer Big Eye Starboss born Ibrahim Mayanja has heaped praise on his baby mama Don Zella for her monumental contribution to his life.

It is almost a decade ever since singer Big Eye Starboss and Nalongo Don Zella moved separate ways following their relationship hitting rock bottom.

Despite the schism that was generated by their breakup, the two ironed out their indifference, and are currently in good speaking terms as well as co-parenting their son Brittney.

On different occasions, the two are seen exchanging pleasantries for each other, with Big Eye being the most recent to heap praise on Don Zella.

The past few days have seen singer Big Eye take to his socials to thank people that have laid a foundation for his life with Dr. Jose Chameleone being on the list.

Don Zella, Big Eye Starboss

Joining Big Eye’s list is his baby mama Nalongo Don Zella real name Sheila Nadege whom he claims made him a father when he was not.

In his appreciatory post earlier today, Big Eye revealed that Don Zella lived with him before lived with any woman, stood by him in different situations, loves him, and cared for him before noting that he doesn’t take that for granted.

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Big Eye adds that it is for the aforementioned reasons and other many positive reasons that he named her Zella and thanked her for everything and pleaded with God to grant her a good life and health forever.


Dear DON ZELLA, You made me a father when i was not, You lived with me before i lived with any woman, You stood up with me in different situations, You loved me and you cared for me. I named you Zella for so many positive reasons behind it. Thank you Mummy Britton, Mummy Briella, Mummy Brittney for everything. ”I appreciate you”. May Allah grant you good life and good health forever.


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