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Biswanka Embroiled in a Physical Altercation With Alien Skin Security Personnel | VIDEO

Singer Biswanka Derrick recently experienced the fury of Alien Skin’s security personnel due to his offensive comments made during his interviews.

Initially, Biswanka embarked on his music journey under Alien Skin’s Fangone Forest but was later terminated due to misconduct.

Since then, Biswanka has expressed nothing but negative opinions about Alien Skin and his record label, which has not been well-received by the label’s supporters.

Recently, Biswanka encountered Alien Skin’s security personnel at Haruna Mubiru’s H&H restaurant, where they confronted him about his criticisms.

The situation escalated within the restaurant premises and spilt outside, causing the restaurant staff to express their frustration towards Alien Skin’s men for their frequent altercations at the establishment.


The incident at H&H restaurant further fueled the animosity between Biswanka and Alien Skin.

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As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether Biswanka and Alien Skin can find a way to resolve their differences and move forward.


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