Kiggwa Leero" Video Vixen Hidaya Mash

Bobi and Nubian’s “Kiggwa Leero” Video Vixen Hidaya Mash Dead

The entertainment industry has been gutted by the untimely death of a renowned video vixen Hidaya Mash.

Hidaya Mash rose to prominence in 2015, after featuring in firebase singers Bobi Wine and Nubian Li’s blockbuster “Kiggwa Leero.”

Unfortunately, years later, Hidaya Mash contracted the deadly HIV/AIDS and she was transferred to her home village for medication.

However, she didn’t live to see the years that lay ahead of her as she breathed her last today, Friday, 1 September 2023.

Following the news of her passing, a number of A-list celebrities, close friends, and well-wishers set out to send their condolences to the late Hidaya’s family.

Kiggwa Leero" Video Vixen Hidaya Mash

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At the time of publication, preparations for the burial were still being made at the late Hidaya Mash’s ancestral burial sites, but the day and hour were still unknown.


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