Bobi Wine, New Year

Bobi Wine Gives Food to Homeless on New Year | PHOTOS

On the 1st of January 2024, Bobi Wine, a renowned singer and politician, marked the beginning of the year by extending a helping hand to the vulnerable individuals living on the streets of Kampala.

Accompanied by his team, Bobi Wine personally delivered cooked meals to those who had been deprived of a substantial meal for a considerable period.

The recipients of this gesture were overjoyed to have a firsthand encounter with a celebrated figure like Bobi Wine and to be rewarded with a nourishing dinner.

In a recent social media post, Bobi Wine emphasized that only those who have experienced hunger or slept on the streets truly understand the daily struggles faced by these individuals.

Bobi Wine expressed his belief that it was crucial to share the first supper of the new year with them and offer words of encouragement.

Bobi Wine, New Year

He further highlighted the importance of addressing their plight, as people end up on the streets due to various circumstances.

Bobi Wine emphasized the need to consider such individuals as the nation strives to build a society where all citizens can live with dignity.

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However, Bobi Wine’s actions have garnered both criticism and praise. Some individuals claim that this act is merely a political tactic to soar his ambitions, while others commend him for his kindness regardless of his motives.


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