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Late Paul Kafeero’s Son Kafeero Schwarz Recounts How Bobi Wine’s Ugx 3M Reward Changed His Life

During the interview on Sanyuka TV, the late Kadongo Kamu singer Paul Kafeero’s son Kafeero Schwarz spoke at length about his admiration for Bobi Wine’s generous nature.

Schwarz expressed how Bobi Wine had a profound impact on his life, particularly in his love for music.

He recounted a heartwarming incident where Bobi Wine redid their father’s iconic song “Dipo Nazigala” and generously gifted the late singer’s kids Ugx 3M as a token of appreciation.

Schwarz emphasized that Bobi Wine proceeded to advise him against unnecessary spending of the money and instead encouraged him to share it with his siblings.

Furthermore, he disclosed that at that time, the Ugx 3M held significant value, greatly contributing to the remarkable improvement in their lives.

Bobi Wine

Schwarz passionately called upon Ugandans to rally behind Bobi Wine, citing his genuine and compassionate nature as qualities that make him a deserving leader.

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He urged his fellow countrymen to recognize the positive impact Bobi Wine has had on his life and the lives of many others, not just through his music but also through his philanthropic endeavours.


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