Brian White,

Brian White Accused of Scamming Mobile Money Agents in Dubai to Sustain His Lifestyle

Brian White, a well-known Ugandan socialite residing in Dubai, is currently facing allegations of scamming mobile money agents in the city.

After facing financial difficulties and going bankrupt, Brian White relocated to Dubai. However, recent developments suggest that he has resorted to fraudulent activities to sustain his lifestyle.

A circulating audio on social media reveals one of Brian White’s victims known as Mwanje exposing him for borrowing a substantial amount of money, totalling over Ugx 4 million.

They had agreed that Brian White would repay the borrowed sum within four days. Additionally, Mwanje claims that Brian White had agreed to pay an interest of Ugx 200K on top of the borrowed amount.

Unfortunately, Brian White later claimed that he had received a sum of Ugx 20 million but was unable to withdraw such a small amount due to his financial status. Consequently, he requested someone else to withdraw the money on his behalf.

To make matters worse, Brian White borrowed an additional 150 dirhams from the same individual a few days later.

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However, since then, Brian White has ceased all communication and has not responded to any calls or messages for over a month now.


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