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Brian White Resolves Disputes With Ugx 4M Claimant

Recently, Mwanje, a mobile money agent in Dubai, made allegations that socialite Brian White had defrauded him of Ugx 4M.

Mwanje claimed that after Brian White took his money, he stopped answering his calls and cut off communication.

In an audio recording that went viral on social media, Mwanje who was audibly frustrated, exposed Brian White’s fraudulent behaviour.

However, earlier today, Mwanje and Brian White appeared together in a live Facebook broadcast, indicating that they had resolved their differences.

Mwanje explained that he had been working for Brian White for some time and admitted to recording the audio out of anger, as he felt misled by opportunists.

Brian White

Mwanje clarified that his intention was not to expose Brian White, but rather to express his frustration because Brian White had failed to answer his calls due to his tight work schedule and the person responsible for reimbursing the funds was evasive.

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Mwanje sincerely apologized to Brian White and informed everyone that he had deleted the video from his social media accounts. He also requested those who had shared the video to do the same, as they had resolved their grievances.


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