Carol Nantongo

Carol Nantongo Narrates How She Cheated Death After Being Bewitched By Fellow Musician

Singer Carol Nantongo has opened up about how she cheated death after being bewitched by a fellow musician.

Over the years, several music industry players have voiced their displeasure throughout the years regarding the skyrocketing witchcraft activity among musicians.

Joining the list is former Golden Band singer Carol Nantongo, who claims witchcraft nearly rendered her lifeless a few years back.

During her candid interview with Mr. Henrie on Galaxy TV, Carol Nantongo revealed how she was dealt with traditionally by a female musician whose name she preferred not to mention.

She added that she was attacked by a sophisticated ailment, which saw her bedridden for some time. Carol noted that despite the prayers from mosques and churches, her condition didn’t seem to improve.

Carol Nantongo

It called for Kadondo Kamu singers Kazibwe Kapo and Mathias Walukaga’s intervention, who implored her caretakers to inform her father.

On receiving the distressing news, Carol’s father responded swiftly and rushed her to a location she didn’t notice, where she was attended to by a traditional healer.

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Carol Nantongo further points out that luckily, she regained consciousness after a few days, recuperated successfully, and ever since she has been extremely cautious around people in the music business.

Despite withholding the identity of the person responsible for her suffering, the ‘Oliwa’ crooner is certain that they were envious of her musical abilities.

Have a look at the video below.


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