Carol Nantongo, Stecia Mayanj

Carol Nantongo Refutes Accusing Stecia Mayanja of Bewitching Her

Former Golden Band singer Carol Nantongo has distanced herself from claims that she accused fellow singer Stecia Mayanja of bewitching her.

While taking part in a candid interview with Mr. Henrie on Galaxy TV recently, Carol Nantongo revealed some of the challenges she encountered during the early stages of her music career.

Carol Nantongo recollected a moment when fellow singer Stecia Mayanja humiliated her during a performance at Ronald Mayinja’s concert at Freedom as the latter vowed not to share the stage with her.

Additionally, Carol disclosed how she cheated death several times after being bewitched by a fellow female musician, albeit she opted to keep the musician’s identity a secret citing she had a reputation and children to safeguard.

However, Carol Nantongo was disapointed to cross paths with several news headlines, pointing out that she accused Stecia of bewitching her.

Carol Nantongo

Carol voiced her displeasure with several media sites for publishing a fabricated story claiming she never mentioned the person who was bewitching her, before imploring netizens to cut Stecia some slack.

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Media yeuganda mukyuusa bigambo eeeh? when did i mention stecia nti she bewitched me???? Eeh . Did i mention aname????
They didnt watch the interview even, they just come to conclusion with what they want . Anyway whatver!! I didn’t mention her name about the bewitching story
bantu mwe! Omukazi mumulekee


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