Champion Ogudo, Swaba Champ

Champion Ogudo’s Dad Abandoned Him at 4 Months, Left Mother With Another Pregnancy

Reports coming through indicate that Champion Ogudo’s father Mr. Kibuuka Godfrey abandoned him at only four months old and left the mother with another pregnancy. 

In multiple news interviews over the past few days, Mr. Kibuuka Godfrey has vented his frustration with Alien Skin for denying his son the right to utilize the bursary that was given to him by Kampala Parents School.

Champion Ogudo’s father went ahead to file a child abuse case against his estranged wife Nambassa Hadijah at Kawempe Police Station, under reference SD Ref: 58/24/08/2023.

Mr. Kibuuka filed the case on the grounds that Champion Ogudo’s mother Ms. Nambassa Hadijah handed his son to Alien Skin without his consent as the father.

Swaba Champ, Champion Ogudo’s elder brother, stated on a TikTok livestream last night that their father has no moral standing to decide the latter’s fate because he has not been present in their lives for several years.

Swaba added that their father abandoned them when Ogudo was only four months old, and their mother was heavily pregnant with one of their little siblings.

Champion Ogudo, Swaba Champ

Swaba Champ further noted that since their father’s departure, he has been the father figure in Ogudo’s life, and he proudly claimed credit for launching his younger brother’s acting and singing professions.

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However, while appearing in an interview earlier today with BBS Terefayina, Mr. Kibuuka Godfrey refuted the claims, pointing out that he has been executing his paternal duties graciously.


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