Chance Nalubega

Chance Nalubega Confirms Daughter’s Passing During Childbirth, Grateful Grandchild Survived the Ordeal

Chance Nalubega emotionally confirmed the passing of her daughter during childbirth, expressing her gratitude that her grandchild survived the ordeal.

While appearing in an interview recently, Chance Nalubega revealed that her daughter was her firstborn, born when she was just 14 years old.

Despite delivering a powerful performance at Lydia Jazmine’s concert, Chance admitted that she still feels immense pain when reminiscing about the moments shared with her daughter.

Although mourning her daughter’s death, the singer expressed thankfulness that her grandchild made it through and is currently in good health under the care of the father.

Chance Nalubega

Chance extended her appreciation to her fellow musicians who stood by her during this difficult time and offered their condolences.

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Despite the heartbreak of losing her daughter, Chance remains hopeful for the future and is determined to honour her memory by being the best grandmother she can be to her grandchild.


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