Chance Nalubega, Gabie Ntaate and Bettinah Namukasa

Chance Nalubega, Gabie Ntaate, and Bettina Namukasa disappointed after failing to perform in London

Singers Chance Nalubega, Gabie Ntaate, and Bettina Namukasa were unable to board the flight to London for their scheduled performances.

The three artists were supposed to participate in the event dubbed the Return of the Gladiator at the Intercontinental London-O2.

The lineup was set to include Bobi Wine, Nubian Li, Big Eye Starboss, Bettina Namukasa, Gabie Ntaate, and Chance Nalubega among many others.

Unfortunately, the organizers were unable to obtain the necessary approvals for musicians Gabie Ntaate, Chance Nalubega, and Bettinah Namukasa to travel to London.

The trio took to their social media platforms to express their disappointment, stating that this turn of events was unexpected in their careers.

Chance Nalubega

They had been eagerly looking forward to showcasing their talent on an international stage and connecting with their fans in London.

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The news came as a shock to Chance Nalubega, Gabie Ntaate, and Bettina Namukasa who had been preparing for this performance for months.


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